Why Hypnosis Now ?

Loutopia is more than a podcast. Comedian Lou Angelwolf has created a parallel multiverse, in which you can find the peace you're looking for. Along with Hypnotherapist Beth Snyder, Lou brings you all the latest spiritual and meta-physical help you could ever need. Lou has many friends in this place called Loutopia.

In the first half of his podcast he welcomes close friends and world famous comedians. His guests have included Comedians Tom Rhoades and Brian Regan. Lou was a touring comedian for years and his friends are all full of great stories and experiences.

The second half of the podcast welcomes Lou's cohost , certified hypnotherapist Beth Snyder. Together they'll help you navigate the muddy water that is life. So sit back, relax and let the positive energy flow right through you. It's all for your health and well being.

What is Loutopia?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and is a natural state that you actually enter into many times a day. Have you ever arrived at a destination only to realize you barely remember that stretch of highway that helped you arrive? When your grade school teacher said, “Stop daydreaming,” that was your body, mind & spirit connecting through natural & spontaneous hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness coaching is simple, safe and successful. With my specialized training and experience, we harness the power of your deep inner mind to cultivate the life you desire. My approach is personalized to your goals & aspirations. When you decide you are ready for change in your life, we begin by looking at your limiting beliefs and removing blocks. You are unique and your sessions will also be unique and based on what we discover together during our complimentary consultation. Habits can easily fall away within 21-28 days, and with hypnotherapy those are often everlasting changes. I encourage you to dream big! Through mindfulness coaching and hypnotherapy, you are forever empowered to take what you learn and practice it the rest of your life. My goal will be to empower you as quickly as I can so that you can become your own hypnotherapist. Your unique, customized approach will draw upon my compassion, experience and extensive training…
-Beth A. Snyder, CCHt